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The Well Child App

New Zealands very own Well Child App includes features helpful to every parent including...

Track and Record Milestones

Important Wellbeing Alerts & Resources


Immunisation Reminders & Details

immunisation reminders

Amazing Features

The Well Child App is a collaborative project between the NZ Government, Health providers & NGOs. The Welll Child App presents a single, research-based resource  for whanau (family) of children aged 0-5 years in New Zealand.

Links & access to all the important health contacts for your child

Useful Contacts

Get information on how to apply First Aid to your little one.

First Aid Advice

First foods & nutrition advice as well as information about breastfeeding.

Healthy Eating Advice

The Well Child App is made by passionate kiwis, for kiwi parents.

New Zealand Made!


This specialised health & education tool is free to all users, ensuring parents and caregivers receive timely & personalised information for the health and wellbeing of their tamariki (children).

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